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Our Mission

Global Ministry Partners’ mission is to serve Christ by partnering with local individuals and organizations to advance God’s Kingdom by providing financial, technical and administrative assistance to projects that allow communities to grow more self-sufficient in the provision of education, agriculture, training and health programs.



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Global Ministry Partners seeks to further the Kingdom of God by establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations and providing financial, technical, and administrative assistance to those organizations. Our partnership with Mayuge Christian Education Centre aims to help them gain self-sufficiency in providing education and development of local leaders. We partner by fundraising for Mayuge Christian Education Centre projects, mentorship of Mayuge Christian Education Centre board members, and governance visits.

About the Mayuge Christian Education Centre

Our Partners in Uganda

The MCEC Mission is to Empower children for productive, holistic lives of Christian faith
and service through excellent formal primary education and vocational skills.

Current Projects

Currently MCEC holds a weekly Bible study, provides instruction on health and self-care education, cultivating seedlings, and baking lessons.

Short term goal - Chicken Project

Funding the Chicken Project will provide agriculture training. This will facilitate skills for raising chickens, producing marketable eggs, and providing a viable means of income for those who participate in this program.

Long term goal -
Education Centre Project

Funding the Education Centre will meet the ultimate goal of MCEC – to enable children to pass the Primary Leaving Exam and empower older children with vocational skills to earn a good living.

Board Members

Godfrey Nkutu

Board Chairman

Prossy Nabbuma

Board Treasurer

Monica Mutesi

Board Secretary

Irene Nangobi

Board Chaplain

Charles Nabba

Board Member

Special Events

at the Mayuge Christian Education Centre

Food Distribution

During the lockdown Pastor Sam was able to visit some of the girls from MCEC. During his visit he discover that several of the girls and their families were struggling to get enough food. A donation was made to Global Ministry Partners to buy food for these girls and their families. This, along with donations from the MCEC board members and Pastor Sam were used to supply 47 girls and their families with enough rice, beans and posho to give them several meals. Praise God for the generosity of all the people who donated!!

Easter Celebration

Godfrey surprised the girls from the MCEC Bible study with an Easter Celebration dinner provided by GMP. Dinner included a goat and bottle of soda for each girl. There was much excitement for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Easter Celebration

Godfrey surprised the girls from the MCEC Bible study with an Easter Celebration dinner provided by GMP. Dinner included a goat and bottle of soda for each girl. There was much excitement for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Home Visits

Pastor Sam and Godfrey often make home visits to the girls of MCEC and their families. “We made home visits to some of the MCEC girls, in the community and we managed to share the word of God, prayers and encouragement with them.” Godfrey Nkutu.

Mayuge Christian Education Centre is a Christian organization located in Mayuge district, one of the remote districts with less development in the eastern part of Uganda. MCEC preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community encouraging them to leave witchcraft and other beliefs but follow Christ. MCEC gives hope to hopeless young mothers and teenage girls by teaching them empowerment skills (baking, vegetable growing, computer training, counselling, and self-hygiene). Global Ministry Partners is a sister organization who have been so supportive spiritually, advisory and financially.

Godfrey Nkutu,
MCEC Board President

“In 2019, I visited Godfrey Nkutu to talk about his desire for a school. When I saw the girls that were meeting in Mayuge, I knew God was calling me to partner with Godfrey on his vision for a school. Mayuge Christian Education Centre (MCEC) was formed from this partnership. This partnership, now Global Ministry Partners in the U.S., is joining MCEC to raise the necessary funds and support for building the ministry of MCEC to fulfill the vision God has given us for the girls of Mayuge.

Gary Christman,
GMP President

Where is Mayuge?

Mayuge is located on Lake Victoria in eastern Uganda, Africa, near the city of Jinja.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mayuge, Uganda?

Uganda is a landlocked country in the heart of the African continent. It borders the world’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. The country is divided into 111 districts and Mayuge is a district located in Eastern Uganda. The Mayuge district includes 385 villages and has a population of approximately 461,200 people (2012 census). It is largely an agricultural area.

Is my donation tax deductible and will I get a receipt?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible! Global Ministry Partners is a non-profit, IRS recognized 501(c)3, and registered through the New Hampshire Charitable Trust. We provide a receipt of donation for your records.

What percentage of donations are spent on administrative expenses?

We use approximately 6% of our yearly donations to pay for administrative expenses. All donations are greatly appreciated and vital to our mission. Every dollar supports our efforts to partner with ministries, whether through direct funds to a specific ministry project or managing the administrative process of running a charitable organization.

How does GMP monitor its partners to ensure governance and accountability?

Governance and accountability of GMP partner relationships is very important to us. All partners are required to have an annual audit. GMP meets monthly with its partners to receive project updates and ensure program integrity. When possible, GMP board members personally visit the operations of its partners.

What do you do with my information?

Your privacy is greatly valued, and we never share your information or use it in an inappropriate manner. We use your information for on-going communication and project updates.

Global Ministry Partners

 Board Members

Gary Christman, Board President

Gary Christman,
Board President

Nikki Kreiner, Director
Nikki Kreiner, Director
Karen Koudelka, Director
Karen Koudelka,
Peg Wood, Board Treasurer
Peg Wood,
Board Treasurer
Ann Lindsay Park, Board Secretary

Ann Lindsay Park,
Board Secretary

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Your tax-deductible donations support our partnerships like Mayuge Christian Education Centre (MCEC). The funds received help communities grow more self-sufficient through agricultural training, and health & self-care education. By donating to GMP, you are providing individuals opportunities for schooling and skills training that otherwise are not available to them.

Your donations support vocational training in relevant, local-based skills that provide sustainable food sources and income for families, and a weekly Bible study program. Through your recurring or one-time donation, God’s love changes lives on earth and for eternity. Thank you for your generosity!

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