Health & Hygiene at MCEC

Well Project

Thanks to your help in our fundraiser last fall, Global Ministry Partners provided enough money for the Mayuge Christian Education Center to drill a well!

This new well will:
• Provide cleaner, safer drinking water.
• Allow children at the MCEC to get water without crossing a busy road.
• Supply extra water for growing crops.
• Provide water for the community surrounding the MCEC.

Latrine Project

The MCEC property was designed for residential use. With more people coming for bible studies, education, and events, the original latrine was overworked and would soon fail. Global Ministry Partners provided them with the funds to build a new one.
The pit for the new latrine.

The walls go up.

The finished latrine.

Food Distribution

During the lockdown Pastor Sam was able to visit some of the girls from MCEC. During his visit he discover that several of the girls and their families were struggling to get enough food. A donation was made to Global Ministry Partners to buy food for these girls and their families. This, along with donations from the MCEC board members and Pastor Sam were used to supply 47 girls and their families with enough rice, beans and posho to give them several meals. Praise God for the generosity of all the people who donated!!


Sanitary pads are provided for each girl monthly. This has improved hygiene and lowered risk of infections.

Girls have more freedom to leave their home with confidence and dignity. Mary shares her gratitude.