2023 in Review

Greetings Everyone,

Let me start by saying God is doing great things at the Mayuge Christian Education Centre, and He will do even more in 2024. What God is doing is possible because of the support that each one of you give to Global Ministry Partners, both financially and prayerfully. Let me run through what happened in 2023 and then the plans for 2024.

2023 Accomplishments:

– Drilled a well for clean water for MCEC and the community

– Bought a used vehicle to facilitate transportation for supplies and visitors

– Graduated class one of the tailoring program

– Built a new latrine

– Purchased 30 chicks to raise them as an experiment to start a chicken program (successful)

– Built a chicken coop capable of housing 500 chickens

– Purchased 250 chicks from the Netherlands to expand the chicken program

– Harvested the first crop of matoke (bananas)

– Harvested bean and maize crops

– Trained MCEC tailors to make reusable feminine hygiene pads

– Started a men’s bible study

– Mission team of five visited Mayuge in October – attended class one graduation, met with MCEC board of directors, visited local schools and health clinic

2024 Plans:

– Hired a Centre Coordinator to help Godfrey, Her name is Namuyiga Judith (hired)

– Hired two teachers to work in the P-2 classes (similar to our 2nd grade class level) at the local public school to improve reading and writing skills, their names are Mirembe Doreen and Naigaga Deziranta (hired)

– Hired a security Guard, his name is Okello Lawrence (hired)

– Hired a farm worker, his name is Ssembatya Julius (hired)

– Bought two cows for milking (bought and delivered)

– Tailoring class two graduation in March

– Irrigation program for the crops (approved by the government)

– Looking to start a local health program

– Looking to start a motorcycle repair class

Financially, GMP had its best year to date. We received $69,285 in donations! Praise be to God and thank you all for your generosity. Below is a chart of GMP’s 2023 finances. We started 2023 with a balance of $24,027 and ended the year with a balance of $ 48,236. This balance or reserve, is a combination of funds GMP has set aside for future projects in Uganda (land purchase, farming, vocational programs, village health teams, primary education) and six months of operating expenses (this includes six months of MCEC operating expences).

God is doing great work in Mayuge District Uganda. GMP and MCEC are God’s ministries, we are just the workers. We constantly seek his will for these ministries. We thank you for your support and we are very excited about what God has planned for 2024.

God Bless,
Gary Christman
Global Ministry Partners

Drilling the well

The New Latrine

Chicken Project

Planting beans in with banana trees

Shadiya with eggs from the chicken project

Harvested beans drying

Phase two of the chicken project, 250 chicks

MCEC Toyota Noah

Cows for milking

MCEC staff from left to right: Judith, Amina, Doreen, Dezoranta, Julius, Lawrence, Shadiya, Godfrey

The new men’s bible study

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