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Our dear partners, friends and well-wishers we bring you warm greetings from MCEC family and thank God who has kept you and your loved ones alive. We are sure that life can have ups and downs but as Christians we trust God to help us overcome those trying moments.

Below is a brief summary of how the 1st quarter of 2022 went at MCEC


Our weekly bible study (every Saturday) has been running smoothly and a blessing to many, girls are getting rooted deeper in the word of God, Moslem girls are learning how to pray and even testify for what God has done in their lives.

Note: When Hadijja and Martha became mentally ill due to bad spirits other girls teamed up in prayer and we have registered victory over the devil because now the two girls are back and better. Hallelujah


We were able to start the tailoring fashion and design class for young mothers who didn’t have any form of income. Many girls registered but due to the limited resources we only took on 15 girls who are now in phase 1 training.

We have started an adult class where we are teaching some writing skills, reading and simple mathematics to our girls in the tailoring class.

The computer lessons are going on well, some girls are now able to at least start the computer and can do some work using the Microsoft word program, though it is still hard to some girls who can’t read and write. We are trying teach them and we believe that after some time, they will gradually improve.

At MCEC we have started an English reading program, through the financial support from our partners we bought some English reading books for our girls to start practicing reading. Many schools in the area don’t have libraries and there is no even single public library in the area, it’s a new culture in the   Community but slowly people are learning the beauty of reading. We pray God to touch someone from the community to come and volunteer as a reading teacher for kids who are 7yrs and below at least every Saturday.


When the government announced late last year in December that early this year schools will open again and children will start learning after a long period of lockdown we realized that most of our girls were not ready for school because they lacked scholastic materials and with the help from our Partners the GLOBAL MINISTRY PARTNERS we managed to bless over 100 girls with some scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils and mathematic sets.

We have helped our girls with the sanitary towels (pads) without discrimination for either a first comer or non-believer and this has helped many to gain self-esteem.


We have been able to prepare our demonstration garden and even plant the nursery bed for egg plants and spinach as we wait for the planting season to come (rain season).


We have been blessed with new assets at the Centre, 5 brand new sewing machines, 5 new sitting stools, and 1 new Metallic filling cabinet.

We managed to get power at the Centre and Sarah (Godfrey’s sister) for the 1st time in her life lived in a house with electricity. We are grateful to our partners and bless the name of the Lord who has enabled you to reach out to many people and change their lives.


MCEC family has been blessed and expanded after getting a new staff member Mr.  STEVEN MUWANGUZI who is the fashion, design and tailoring teacher. He is a young man with experience and passion to serve.

Socially in the month of February we hosted the Sub County chairman, Village Chairman and some other council members at the Centre and we were able to take them through what we do and what we plan to do they were all impressed and pledged to give us support whenever we want them, they gave a word of encouragement to the newly recruited tailoring class students and our day was climaxed with a lunch together.


The sewing machines are few, each machine is shared by 3 people/day and this makes the teachers work hard because he has to always divide the class into 3 groups.

At the compound where we used to sit under the tree shade we were stopped from sitting there and now the tailoring class is conducted in Sarah’s house which is small and the bible sturdy on Saturday sits outside in the open space.

In summary, the 1st quarter of 2022 has been good to us at MCEC God has provided through our partners, a lot of achievements in terms of programs, assets and Soul saving are seen, the sick have been healed and the devil has been ashamed. We are so thankful to all who have stood with us in prayers, advice and finances may God bless you as we look forward for the 2nd quarter of the year.

Yours Sincerely

Godfrey Nkutu